tara walpert levy board member with bloomin' brands

Tara Walpert Levy » Board Member, Bloomin' Brands, Inc. (Advisory Council Chair)

Tara Walpert Levy leads Agency and Brand Solutions for Google and YouTube. She was previously the President of Visible World (now owned by Comcast) and a leader of the Global Media & Entertainment and Sales & Marketing practices at McKinsey & Company. Tara has been an Independent Director of the Board and member of the Audit Committee of Bloomin' Brands, Inc. since 2013. She is also a member of the Executive Committee and Board of Directors of the Ad Council and Vice Chair of the Board of Directors of the American Advertising Federation.
Caroline Tsay board member for Rosetta Stone Morningstar

Caroline Tsay » Board Member, Morningstar & The Coca-Cola Company

Caroline is the CEO and Co-Founder of Compute Software, an enterprise cloud infrastructure software company. She previously held various executive roles at Hewlett Packard Enterprise and Yahoo!. Caroline has served on the Morningstar board since May 2017, where she is a member of the Audit and Nomination and Governance Committees for Morningstar. Caroline joined the board of The Coca-Cola Company in April 2018.
Chris Oneill, board member The Gap

Chris O’Neill » Board Member, The Gap

Chris is the former Chairman, President & CEO of Evernote. He previously held various executive roles at Google. In February 2018, Chris joined the board of The Gap, Inc., where he now serves on the Compensation and Management Development committees. He previously served on the board of Tim Hortons, Inc.
Christa Quarles board member for Kimberly-Clark

Christa Quarles » Board Member, Kimberly-Clark

As the CEO of OpenTable, Christa leads the company in its global business strategy and vision. Prior to OpenTable, she held leadership roles at Nextdoor (Chief Business Officer) and Disney, where she led the Mobile and Social Games divisions within Disney Interactive. Christa has been on the Kimberly-Clark board since June 2016 and is a member of the Audit committee.
Grady Summers with FireEye

Grady Summers » Board Member, Arlo Technologies

Grady is Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer of FireEye, Inc., a leading provider of comprehensive cybersecurity solutions, where he oversees the global CTO team that supports R&D and product engineering. Grady has served on the board of Arlo Technologies, Inc., since August 2018. He previously served on the board of NETGEAR, Inc.
Kay Madati with Twitter and Wingstop

Kay Madati » Board Member, Wingstop

Kay is the Vice President and Global Head of Content Partnerships at @Twitter, Inc. overseeing the company's worldwide efforts to engage with media and content publishers. Kay held previous roles at BET Networks, Facebook, CNN Worldwide, and BMW of North America. He has been a member of the Wingstop Inc. board since 2017.
Priya Cherian Huskins

Priya Cherian Huskins » Board Member, Realty Income Corporation

Priya is a Partner and SVP with Woodruff-Sawyer & Co., where she is a recognized expert in D&O liability risk and its mitigation. She has served on the Realty Income Corporation board since December 2007. Priya chairs the Compensation committee, and she is a member of the Nominating & Governance and the Technology Risk committees.
Sonya Medina Williams board member for Papa John's

Sonya Medina Williams » Board Member, Papa John's International

Sonya is a consultant in the area of community partnerships, strategy, marketing, and governmental affairs. She previously served as a White House Appointee and held leadership roles at AT&T and Silver Eagle Distributors, the nation's largest distributor of Anheuser-Busch products. Sonya has served as a director on the Papa John's International board since 2015 and is a member of the Nominating and Governance committee.
Susan Chapman-Hughes board member for Potbelly

Susan Chapman-Hughes » Board Member, Potbelly Corp.

Susan is the SVP, U.S. Large Market, Global Corporate Payments for American Express. She previously held leadership roles at Citigroup Inc. and Level 3 Communications. Susan has been a director with Potbelly Corp. since May 2014. She currently serves on the Audit and Nominating & Governance committees.